My name is Frank Guzman and I am a lifelong resident of Pomona.  Growing up in Pomona was no easy task. Coming from a family that didn’t have the best cards dealt to them helped shape me into who I am today.  Every life lesson has helped me to be my authentic self and a true champion for our students in Pomona.  My goal has always been focused on student success, providing educational opportunity and advocating for those without a voice. 

My journey in Pomona started as a student over 30 years ago.  Going from school to school (Westmont, Mendoza, Alcott and Madison) in my earlier years without an advocate proved to be difficult, but has helped me to relate to many of our kids who experience the same. Shortly thereafter, my family found stability and I was able to attend Fremont Middle School and later graduate from Garey High School in 1997.  It was during my high school career that I realized my love for my community and education.  I knew that someday I wanted to represent Pomona.


After high school, I had two kids: Frankie and Arianna.  These two helped to me remain focused because I knew I wanted them to be afforded every educational opportunity.  So, as they began their educational journey in Pomona, I became the father who volunteered often, joined PTA/PTO and continued to advocate for my kids.  It was then that I realized that I could make an impact serving on the PUSD Board of Education.  Throughout this time, I worked full-time to provide for my family, attended Cal State University at Fullerton, Mt. San Antonio College, Citrus Community College working towards my education very minimally.

Meet Frank Guzman

In 2009, I begun struggling with being my authentic self. Finally finding the courage, I came out as a gay man.  While I was scared, it was my children that gave me the strength to embrace who I am and encouraged me to never be ashamed.  Later in 2009, I had an unsuccessful run for the PUSD Board of Education.  But it was during this time that I engaged with parents, the community and knew this is where I belonged. So, I put my goals on paper, I continued to engage families and the community while serving on various committees, organizations and councils.  This helped me remain focused and ready for a future run for the board. 

In 2011, it was time to buckle up and make that run for the PUSD Board of Education yet again; having learned from the last experience, I was ready for this endeavor.  This time around, I was successful and won the election.  It was amazing to have my kids by my side rooting for their dad and to embrace my new role as a Governing Board Member of the Pomona Unified School District.  This also made me the first openly gay elected official in the city's and district's history. I visited schools regularly, attended events and it became part of my daily routine.  I love serving our community, I love seeing the smiles on students' faces and knowing that I had have the ability to make positive change in the very classrooms that I once sat it and the community I once grew up in.  It still warms my heart to be a public servant for my community. 


Later in 2012, I felt it necessary to complete my last semester of college.  As a Governing Board Member, visiting schools and encouraging our students to pursue high education or careers. I wanted to be more than a voice but an example, so in 2013 I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration.  It may have taken 16 years but it was worth it! 

So now, it has been nine years that I have been serving on the PUSD Board of Education. During this time, both my kids have graduated from Diamond Ranch High School.  My son just graduated with his Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and now attends the Harvard Kennedy School of Government for his Masters of Public Policy degree.  My daughter is at Norco College pursuing her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education.  I am a proud father who loves serving my community. 


These past nine years have been amazing, but my work is not done. I’m ready to continue to serve, advocate and fight for what every child deserves: a quality education.  To do this, I will need your continued support and vote this November 3rd.  I encourage you to join Team Guzman and re-elect me to the PUSD Board of Education.   With your support and vote, we will continue to see progress and I will continue to support and advocate for the arts, ethnic studies and a quality education for all PUSD students.


Frank Guzman, PUSD Governing Board Member

Nine Years of Experience

  • Governing Board Member, Pomona Unified School District

  • Founder and CEO, Pomona Pride Center

  • Founder and CEO, Latino Educational Association of Pomona

  • Appointed Delegate, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

  • Board President, San Antonio ROP

  • Board Secretary, San Gabriel Valley LGBT Center

  • Member, Pomona Valley Democratic Club

  • Member, National Association of Latino Elected Officials

  • Member, California Latino School Board Association

  • Member, African-American Parent Advisory Committee

  • Member, Pomona Chamber of Commerce

  • Former Member, Pomona Host Lions Club

  • Former Board Member, Pomona Valley YMCA

  • Former President, Lorbeer Middle School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization

  • Former President/Treasurer, Golden Springs Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization

  • Former Chairperson, School Site Council, Golden Springs Elementary School

  • Former Member, Diamond Ranch High School Panther Pride Association

  • Former Member, Pomona Unified School District Copy Task Force

  • Former Member, Garey High School Curriculum Task Force

  • Former Member, Pomona Unified School District Bilingual Advisory Committee

  • Former District Representative, State Preschool/Headstart, PUSD Child Development

  • Former Participant, Project Caring is Sharing

  • Former Tutor, Pomona Library Adult Literacy Project