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Meet Frank Guzman

My name is Frank Guzman, and I am a lifelong resident of Pomona.  Growing up in Pomona was no easy task. Coming from a family that didn’t have the best cards dealt to them helped shape me into who I am today.  Every life lesson has helped me to be my authentic self and a true champion and advocate for the residents Pomona.  My goal has always been focused on community advocacy and engagement, while providing opportunity and speaking for those without a voice. 

My journey in Pomona started over 40 years ago.  Attending Pomona schools (Westmont, Mendoza, Alcott and Madison) in my earlier years without an advocate proved to be difficult. It was then when I realized just how important advocacy is.  Shortly thereafter, my family found stability and I was able to attend Fremont Middle School and later graduate from Garey High School in 1997.  It was during my high school career that I realized my love for my community, education and advocacy.  I knew then that someday I would represent Pomona.

When I think about representation, I see a strong leader who isn't afraid to stand up to others.  I see a vocal person who is not just filling a seat.  Having a seat at the table means using that seat to fight and advocate for those who need it the most.  South Pomona is remains neglected, but the community is ready for change and desire leadership.   

Over the past few years I have worked to engage the community on various levels.  I have had the opportunity to serve the community in various capacities. I am most proud of my efforts around founding two amazing nonprofit organizations that continue to serve the Pomona Valley Region.  These organizations are the Latino Educational Association of Pomona (founded in 2017) and the Pomona Pride Center (founded in 2019).  I am fortunate to lead these organizations, and I am most proud to serve as President and Executive Director of the Pomona Pride Center.

Family First

My greatest accomplishment in life continues to be my family.  I feel so blessed and lucky to have two amazing kids (young adults).  Frank Jr. and Arianna have helped me to understand what love is.  They have helped me grow as an individual and continue to inspire me to do what I love, help and advocate for others.


In 2009, I begun struggling with being my authentic self. Finally finding the courage, I came out as a gay man.  While I was scared, it was my children that gave me the strength to embrace who I am and encouraged me to never be ashamed. 

Both of my kids are products of the k-12 educational system in Pomona.  Arianna works with special needs students in a neighboring school district and Frank Jr. just received his Master's in Public Policy from Harvard.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and their desire to continue to support the community.


In additional to my kids being my inspiration, I am surrounded by my siblings who nurture my human spirit, while encouraging me to do what my heart desires.  While we struggled in our youth, we overcame these struggles and now each of us work in roles that support our community.  So as a family, we strive to put others before ourselves.    

My family has always supported my desire to be a public servant and continue to stand by my side.  This campaign is about the community, about a strong voice and leadership on the dais.  This campaign is a family affair and one that we are all committed to .  

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Making History

In 2011, I was elected to the Board of Education in Pomona.  I was delighted to make history being the first openly gay elected official in the city of Pomona.   We have an opportunity to make history once again.  The Three Valleys Municipal Water District and our country for that matter, needs more diversity, we need more LGBTQIA+ elected officials.  We need to have a seat at the table, we need to be vocal, and we need advocacy for south Pomona. 

Whether you vote by mail or on election day, I am asking for your vote! 


Frank C. Guzman, Candidate for Division 1,

Three Valleys Municipal Water District

Meet my Family!

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