Residents of Assembly District 52:

It is with great joy that officially announce that I have entered the race for State Assembly Member for the 52nd District. I made this decision because I feel I can represent the 52nd district in a more profound way. I truly believe that I can best represent the needs of the district both locally and at the state capital.

Pomona has always been near and dear to my heart and I feel it consistently gets overlooked. Our neighboring cities, Ontario, Chino, Montclair and unincorporated Fontana have experienced some of this same oversight. I want to assure the residents of the 52nd district that I am committed to you and the district. I will fight for our respected cities, residents and I won’t stop until we see changes that reflect our values and expectations.

With your support, I am confident that I will will be elected this November. Once in office, my focus will be tackling issues that have plagued our communities for years such as homelessness, crime and air pollution. Putting more police on our streets will be a top priority. Supporting and collaborating with our cities to address homelessness issues will commence immediately. And we need to really look into our pollution and stop allowing our district to be a dumping ground! We deserve to have clean air just like some of the more affluent communities!

Education and our youth will also be top priorities! We need to ensure our school districts are being transparent and held accountable to students and families. With years of experience as a board member, I’m ready to tackle the educational issues we are faced with. Our youth are our future and we need to do more to provide programs that encourage and keep them off the streets. They deserve more and we can’t afford to fail them!

As we begin to address the issues described above, we will see shifts in our economic development. Businesses will want to come to the 52nd Assembly District and we will be strategically ready to welcome them.

If you are ready to have a leader that is committed to fighting for you and the 52nd Assembly District, I will need your support, your endorsement and your vote. It won’t be an easy race, but we will be victorious!

Thank you in advance for your support! Please visit & LIKE my: Frank Guzman for Assembly 2018 Facebook page.

Volunteer opportunities available!

Respectfully yours,
-Frank C. Guzman Candidate,


52nd Assembly District



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